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DISCOVER Inquiry Courses

Through DISCOVER, Marymount University students learn how to learn – by asking questions, probing beyond the surface, and working one-on-one with Marymount’s scholarly faculty in a variety of disciplines. It’s called inquiry-based learning, and it’s a fundamental facet of Marymount’s DISCOVER program, which fosters and supports research and creative activities in all academic programs at the University.

DSC 101 is the First-Year Experience course that introduces new first-year students to Marymount University and to learning in higher education.

Every major also has three required courses that have been designed to promote inquiry-guided learning. Dr. Virginia Lee, an expert in student learning, defines inquiry-guided learning as “an array of classroom practices that promote student learning through guided and, increasingly, independent investigation of complex questions and problems, often for which there is no single answer. Rather than teaching the results of others’ investigations, which students learn passively, instructors assist students in mastering and learning through the process of active investigation itself.”

In these inquiry courses, you will be engaged through a variety of teaching methods, including simulations/games, field trips, problems, case studies, projects, logs/journals, other writing assignments, debates/panels, and discussions.