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Inquiry Courses

Following completion of DSC 101 DISCOVER First-Year Seminar, students take three additional courses in their major that have been designated as inquiry (INQ) courses (some majors have more than three). These courses are designed to use teaching methods and assignments that meet Marymount University’s inquiry outcomes, so that upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to
  • formulate an appropriate inquiry or research question and provide context for it;
  • gather, evaluate, and use information or knowledge needed to support the inquiry topic, often through a literature search;
  • formulate a methodology to examine the question;
  • conduct research to answer the question, making appropriate connections among ideas and drawing conclusions; and
  • formally present the results of the inquiry project in a written product.

Questions, information-gathering, methodology, projects, and products advance in complexity as students move from second-year through senior year.

Inquiry Courses
DSC 101 DISCOVER First-Year Seminar
Programs Sophomore Level Junior Level Capstone
School of Arts and Sciences
Art FA 213 Painting I FA 353 Handmade Books II FA 422 Senior Project
Biology BIO 151 Biology for Majors BIO 300 Writing for Science BIO 410 Senior Seminar
Communication COM 209 Introduction to Journalism
COM 300 Report Writing
COM 305 Journalism II
COM 425 Senior Seminar
EN 200 Elements of Literary Study
EN/IS 240 Intro. to Visual and Cultural Studies
EN/FA 321 Modern Drama
EN 429 Studies in Performance
EN 490 Major Authors
Fashion Design AA 265 Fashion Illustration I AA 385 Apparel Design II AA 407 Product Development
Fashion Merchandising AA 273 Visual Merchandising AA 407 Product Development AA 422 Senior Seminar
Graphic Design GD 202 Illustration I GD 360 Graphic Design Studio II
GD 401 Studio III
GD 404 Performance Media Lab
History HI 250 Research and Writing HI 322 Colonial and Revolutionary America HI 420 Senior Seminar
Interior Design ID 201 ID Studio I ID 333 Lighting Design ID 406 ID Studio VI
Liberal Studies     LS 420 Senior Seminar
Mathematics MA 257 Into. to Number Theory & Proof MA 325 Differential Equations MA 425 Intro. to Real Analysis
PH 325 Ancient Philosophy or
PH 326 Medieval Philosophy or
PH 327 Modern Philosophy or
PH 328 Contemporary Philosophy
PH 422 Senior Seminar
Politics POL 250 Research and Writing POL 305 American Policy Process POL 420 Senior Seminar
Theology & Religious Studies TRS 201 Phenomenon of Religion
TRS 361 Grace and Sin, Heaven and Hell
TRS 451 Christian Faith in the Modern World
TRS 499 Senior Seminar
School of Business Administration
Business Administration MGT 223, 323, 423 The Business Experience MSC 300 Business Statistics MGT 498 Strategic Business Processes
Economics in Society ECO 221 Macroeconomics Experience
ECO 305 Business & Economics of Sports
ECO 330 Managerial Economics
ECO 431 Contemporary Economic Issues
Health Information Management IT 205 Computer Technology HIM 365 Integrated Health Care Technology HIM 489 HIM Capstone Project
Information Technology IT 205 Computer Technology MSC 300 Business Statistics IT 489 IT Capstone
Paralegal Studies LA 280 Intro. to the Legal System LA 391 Legal Research and Writing LA 491 Computerized Legal Research
School of Education and Human Services
Criminal Justice SOC 202 Social Problems CJ 304 Applied Research Methods CJ 495 Senior Seminar
Education     MDS 480 Senior Seminar
Psychology PSY 270 Tests and Measurements PSY 302 Research Design for Psychology PSY 497 Senior Seminar
Sociology SOC 202 Social Problems SOC 304 Applied Research Methods SOC 495 Senior Seminar
Malek School of Health Professions
Health Sciences HPR/PSY 225 Health Psychology HPR 302 Fitness and Health Assessment HPR 415 Applications in Human Performance
Nursing NU 236 Fundamentals of Nursing NU 304/HPR 308 Transcultural Concepts in Health and Illness NU 403 Research and Evidence-Based Practice