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What is the time period of the Institute?
The Institute runs from May 21 through August 3. The first four weeks constitute the Institute’s symposium, during which scholars and faculty meet to discuss a shared set of readings. Scholars spend the remainder of the summer fully developing their research proposal with a faculty mentor, while participating in weekly events that take advantage of the resources of our nation’s capital.

What do scholars get?
Each scholar is awarded a summer research grant, which includes a $1,000 stipend, plus room and board to cover residency in Marymount University housing from May 21 through August 3.

Can I get course credit for the Institute?
Not during the Summer Institute. However, you will walk away from the Institute with a well-developed research proposal suitable for an independent study course, an honors tutorial, a senior thesis, or another research opportunity for credit.

Can I do other things during the Institute, like an internship or course?
Ideally, Humanities Research Scholars should be able to immerse themselves fully in the life of the mind offered during the symposium and research development process. Nevertheless, some students will want or need to maintain part-time employment, pursue other coursework, or do a summer internship. If that is the case, you will need to make the Institute your first priority, particularly during the four-week symposium component of the summer, and demonstrate in your application the ability and maturity needed for self-directed research.

Do I need to have a specific research question in order to apply?
No. Articulating some thoughts on a topic you might pursue will be helpful in evaluating your ability to take full advantage of the Institute. At the same time, the four-week symposium is intended to open new horizons for thought and research on the common theme, and it is likely that your research agenda will develop, and perhaps change, in response to that intellectual experience.

How can I apply?
You must do two things:

What if I have more questions?
Contact the Institute’s Director, Dr. Brian Flanagan, in the Department of Philosophy, Theology, and Religious Studies. His office is located on the ground floor of Gerard Hall. He can also be contacted by email at brian.flanagan@marymount.edu.