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The Marymount Experience

At Marymount, you will be prepared not simply for a job. You’ll be prepared for life!

One of higher education’s most important responsibilities is to help individuals become enlightened and well-rounded persons.

It is for this reason that every college or university you consider will require you to complete specific courses and requirements– a number of credits in the liberal arts, sciences, and other disciplines – referred to as a “core curriculum.”

At Marymount, a university in the Catholic intellectual tradition, it’s called the Liberal Arts Core and includes courses in writing, mathematics, the natural and social sciences, humanities, philosophy, and theology/religious studies.

Beyond these core courses, Marymount also requires particular experiences for students, including coursework in applied ethics, exposure to global perspectives through classes or study abroad, and an opportunity for experiential learning through an internship and/or research project. These are known as “University requirements.”

Inquiry-guided learning – learning how to learn – is at the heart of it all.

A Marymount education reflects the mission of the University and fulfills its Catholic identity and the heritage of its founders, the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary. The University fosters intellectual, spiritual, and moral growth through study, reflection, and application of knowledge. Learn more about the value of a Marymount education.

Around Marymount

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Rose Bente Lee Center

Students flock to the Lee Center to see the Marymount Saints in action or just to unwind, catch a movie, work out, or enjoy a quick snack.

Faculty Spotlight

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                      Photo Of Laura Medhurst
Dr. Laura Medhurst
Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Medhurst's interests include Dynamics and Mechanisms of Atmospheric Reactions.