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Case Study Rules

1. The competition is open to all currently registered Marymount students, both undergraduate and graduate, either full or part time.

2. Students, working in teams, will be asked to address the ethical issues contained in the specific case.

3. Student teams will be asked at the time of the competition to provide a 5-minute response to a specific question about the case. That response should address the ethical issues and conflicts in the case and identify the practical issues at stake. It should also highlight the moral principles relevant to the case and explain how and why their preferred outcome is best.

4. Each student participating is asked to submit an entry form indicating the student's name, address, phone number, student ID number, school, academic status, and the name or names of the other students on his/her team, if known. (You can download a sample entry form here. It may be printed and/or photocopied.)

5. Competitors will be judged for clarity of expression, effectiveness of analysis and justification of the outcome chosen.

6. A panel comprised of Marymount faculty will judge the competition. The decision of the judges will be final.