Current Students

Marymount has six on-campus residence halls. Residence rooms come with a connection to the University phone system, two wired data ports, wi-fi access, cable television, as well as air conditioning and heat in appropriate seasons. In addition, there are 24 hour help desks and professional staff on call to assist when necessary.

Gerard Phelan Hall

This residence hall is located in the same building as the Main Dining Hall and it is connected to The Lodge, which is home to the Office of Campus Programs & Leadership Development and Campus Ministry. Residents live in double rooms on single-sex floors where floor residents share a common bathroom. All rooms in Gerard have built-in furniture, which provides ample storage but minimal ability to rearrange beds. Lounges with kitchens are located on each floor.

Berg Hall

A 100-bed facility, Berg Hall is located adjacent to Gerard Phelan Hall. In this four-winged residence hall, students live in double rooms and share a common bathroom on each floor, as well as a common kitchen and lounge. Lounges include features like a pool table, couches, and flat-screen TV.  Each room also shares a study room with the room across the hall. These studies have four desks, chairs, and shelving units. Students can study in their own room or take advantage of the study room

Rowley Hall

Home to more than 250 students, this hall is located on the north side of campus, with views of the National Cathedral and other famous Washington, DC, landmarks. Rooms in Rowley have moveable furniture and offer community bathrooms. Lounges and kitchens are provided on each floor. Residents live in double rooms with an option for an extended room which contains an additional storage or study space.

Butler and St. Joseph Halls

These adjoining buildings are home to approximately 140 students who reside in one- or two-person suites with a shared bathroom. Most floors have common lounges and kitchen facilities. These buildings are located on the north side of campus closest to Rowley Hall and the Main House.

Lee Ostapenko Hall

Our newest residence hall, Lee Ostapenko Hall houses 230 students in apartment-style spaces, accommodating between two and five residents in private and semi-private bedrooms. The residences include a kitchen, living room, and one or two bathrooms. Lee Ostapenko Hall also features a fitness center on its lowest floor. This building is for returning and transfer students only.

Residence Hall Assignment Priority

On-campus room assignment priority is given to full-time, degree-seeking students 23 years of age or younger. Other students should consult with the Campus and Residential Services staff concerning the application process.

Students age 21 or younger and in their first four semesters of college are required to live on campus unless living with a parent or guardian within commuting distance of the campus. Commuting distance is defined as 26 miles from campus.

Resident students are required to carry a minimum of 12 credits per semester with the exception of the summer term. Students risk losing housing should they drop below 12 credits. Contact your residence hall professional staff for more information.