Marymount Politics majors have gone on to a wide variety of careers in the public and private sectors. Here are several examples. 

Chris Bowen

Chris Bowen, from Vermont, serves as The Afriat Consulting Group’s Political Outreach Manager, with responsibilities that include campaign management, coordination and political outreach. He graduated from Marymount with a major in Politics and a minor in History. 

Elyssa Giordano

Elyssa Giordano, from New Jersey, was a Politics major and History minor at Marymount, and began interning early for a member of Cognress and for CPAC, and eventually become a CPAC Staff Assistant while still at Marymount. She now works as an event coordinator for Americans for Prosperity

Christina Haley

Christina Haley, from Florida, is Founding Partner at Connectiva Inc., a political finance firm based in Washington, D.C. which provides strategic finance consulting to House, Senate, and Party Committee campaigns. At Marymount Christina majored in Politics and in Economics.

Borjana Sako

Borjana Sako, as a Politics major at Marymount, worked  at  the  World  Bank  for  the Europe  and Central Asia Regional Procurement Office where she worked on various projects supporting the goals of improving the economic and infrastructural development of the region. After graduating she went to work as a Criminal Justice Senior Research Associate  contractor for the U.S Department of Justice.

Leslie Siphers

Leslie Siphers, from North Carolina, graduated with a major in Politics and a minor in History. As a student she interned at the AARP's office of Government Relations & Advocacy, and also worked for Governor Beverly Perdue, EMILY’s List in Washington DC, and the North Carolina Democratic Party. After graduating she went back to work for the AARP and is now a registered lobbyist. 

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